PLANCHA RANGE / 2019​​​​​​​
the plancha allow you to cook fine foods that would be impossible to cook on cooking grids. The purpose of the project was the replacement of the existing range "le barbecue" with "Hyba plancha range" by applying its brand values: AN UNBEATABLE HIGH QUALITY/PRICE RATIO. 
WHY ? UNDERSTAND THE NEEDS Through usage tests, with the aim of being the most user empathic,  we first analyzed the existing range, we also test all of our competitors products and we visited production sites. The idea was to define as precisely as possible the insights, the user needs and the final specifications.  We also prioritize the value in order to capitalize on the existing parts and ultimately optimize the costs.

WHAT ? / DEFINE TOGETHER In order to collect the maximum of relevant ideas, and federate the international teams around the project. We organized several creative collective sessions with the teams from Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Thanks to the insights collected and through workshop or brainstorming we have created together the UNIQUE plancha Hyba.

WHAT ? / REFINEMENT, After the collective sessions, we define more precisely the plancha. Thanks to the drawing we applied and developed all the great usage ideas defined collectively, then applied the language design of the brand as well as defined the first line of architecture produced. 3 final concepts were defined at the end of this work. 
HOW ? / DEFINITION, Once the final concept has been selected by the entire Hyba team. The work of industrial definition began. The biggest creative part is at this stage! How to make feasible the previously defined ideas without increasing manufacturing costs while matching the quality standards?

DURING THE stage OF REFINEMENT the sense of detail is paramount ! Once the architecture is defined and the tooling are open. The stage of industrial adjustments and production monitoring started. Many steps are needed , from the bronze sample to the final version, the golden sample !

In partnership with the packaging teams as well as the concept store teams, we had the opportunity to work on the staging of all the Hyba range in store. With the aim of a total user experience. It was also an opportunity to develop internal communication around the Hyba projects.

Simple shapes, uncluttered lines and sober colours for a contemporary style. The Hyba plancha range has following the famous doctrine: "the form follows the function", within the spirit of the brand: practical, TIMELESS & aesthetic. It has been designed WITH THE FOLLOWING GOALS: high-quality execution and the purity of its lines FOR AN ACCESSIBLE PRICE.   

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